Can I install Windows 10 on my Lumia Smartphone?

Windows 10, according to Microsoft, can be installed in the foreseeable future on most of the Lumia smartphones. Unfortunately, not all the smartphones of the Lumia series are suitable for it. We therefore want to give you here an answer to the question:

"Can I install Windows 10 on my Lumia Smartphone?"

Windows 10

The following technical requirements must be reached by your Lumia smartphone:

  • Lumia device with denim Software
  • At least 8 GB of internal memory required

Of the 8 gigabytes of memory nearly 5 GB are needed for the new Windows 10. Only 3 GB of space for apps, photos, music, etc. is free. This is not just a lot.

That means for smartphones like the Lumia 530, which only has 4GB internal memory that Windows 10 cannot be installed.

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