Copyright Symbol © - How do I write it in Word? Solved!

If you need the copyright symbol "©" within a text, then you may be wondering how to write this character within Word. Because on the normal keyboard layout this character is unfortunately not to be found.

But that's not a problem, because we'll explain how to write the copyright symbol in Word here. There are several options to add a copyright sign. The following are the most common methods:

  1. Shortcut

Press and hold the ALT key on your keyboard. Then write the number "184" on the number pad. Important! It must be the number pad, not the number line at the top of the keyboard. Activate the number pad, if not done, by using the "Num" key.

  1. Entering a string

Many Office programs, including the new Word versions, automatically convert the following string into the copyright symbol: (c)

  1. Copy from our text

If, again, you do not expect anything to work, simply copy the copyright symbol our article: ©

You now know how to write the copyright sign in Word.


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