Customize Garmin Watchface - data fields, color, background, etc.

If you have downloaded a Watchface, ie a watch design, to your Garmin fitness watch, there is the possibility to customize it. Many developers also advertise that a watchface is fully customizable.

Well, you're probably wondering. How can I adapt such a Watchface? Exactly to this question, we have written for you the appropriate answer with the appropriate instructions:

Customize data fields, color, background, etc. of the Watchface's on a Garmin fitness watch

  1. Because this is not done on the clock or the Garmin Connect app To do this, you need a PC, the included USB cable and the "Garmin Express" software. Download Garmin Express
  2. After downloading the software, install it and then set up your Garmin Fitness Watch.
  3. Connect the clock with the USB cable and then with the PC or laptop
  4. In the overview screen of the "Garmin Express" software you will see after successful connection the entry "Manage apps" - Select it
  5. Now scroll down until you see your "Watchface", in our case "ActiFace" - Touch the "Three Points Icon"
  6. You can now adjust and save the settings such as color, background color, data fields, etc. The settings are accepted by saving.

Now the clock only needs to be synced once more, and the Watchface appears in the design as you set it up in Garmin Connect. You now know the procedure to customize the watch design of your Garmin fitness watch.

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