Do you like to snorkel and dive in the depths? Then you should make sure that you have a small inner volume. Why the internal volume of a diving mask is important for snorkeling is what we would like to explain to you here:

If a diving mask has a small internal volume, then the pressure compensation is advantageous. You must do this inevitably if you dive into the deep when snorkeling, as otherwise the pressure on the ears and also on the eyes becomes too great and too painful.

Due to a small internal volume, the pressure can be compensated by a low air requirement. This will allow you to stay longer under water. This is a great advantage especially with the apnea diving, as the oxygen should last as long as possible.

So if you like to snorkel down to observe the underwater world, then you should pay attention to the inner volume of your diving glasses.

A good scuba diving with a small internal volume is for example the following:

We wish you a lot of fun with snorkeling and diving.

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