Anyone who has bought a DJI Phantom camera drone, should in any case perform a calibration of the compass before the first flight. The magnetic north is determined by magnetic sensors, which have to be calibrated. This is important so that the DJI Phantom and all its features can be used properly.
To guarantee that you DJI Phantom is calibrated correctly, we give you a brief summary of the necessary calibration steps in this short guide.
How to perform the Calibration of the compass function of the DJI Phantom camera drone:

1. Turn the remote control and the DJI Phantom on

2. Trigger the "S1" toggle for the Airplane Mode in quick succession between "GPS" and “Auto-Alt”. After the fifth time flipping, stop and check whether the status LED of the DJI Phantom lights solid yellow. If so, then this step was successful and the calibration can start.

3. Now take the DJI Phantom in your hand and hold the copter before your upper body, so that the yellow LED points directly to you.

4. Rotate now with the drone once around your own axis for 360 ​​°

5. The LED of the DJI Phantom should now be changed from yellow to green

6. Now tilt the copter so that the LED displays in the sky and the landing gear points on your upper body

7. Turn again 360 ° around your own axis

8. The LED should flash as usual now, which means that the calibration has been completed successfully

9. If this is not the case and the DJI Phantom LED flashes red, then the calibration was not successful. You have to perform the steps described above again

10. Done!

You have now learned in our step by step guide how you can calibrate the magnetic sensor of the DJI Phantom, which is necessary for the compass function.

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