How do I change my Wi-Fi password? Instructions

You can set a password on your Wi-Fi router, which must be entered for new connections so that a connection can be established. Of course, you can also change this Wi-Fi password. In our guide, we will explain how you must proceed step by step to change the wireless LAN password on the router.

How can I change my WLAN password on the router?

  1. To do this, first open a browser on a PC or smartphone connected to the Wi-Fi router.
  2. In the address line, enter one of the following IP addresses:
  1. You should now see a login screen on your router:
  2. Now enter the login data to access the W-Lan router. If you no longer know your access data, you have to reset the router with a reset button on the housing and then log on with the standard access data. That can be found on the manufacturer's website of the router provider.
  3. You should now be in the control center of the W-Lan router. Now search for "Wireless" and "Wireless Security". Depending on the W-Lan router, the name or the menu guide may be different.
  4. Enter a new Wi-Fi router password: After you have entered the password, you must reconnect all devices that had previously been connected to the W-LAN router.

You now know how to change a W-Lan router password quickly and easily.

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