How long should rolled mattresses lie down - tip

If you have bought a new mattress and it has been delivered in a rolled condition, you might ask yourself the following question: How long should a rolled mattress lie down until it can be used bzs. slept on it. This is an important question, as the manufacturers advise that rolled mattresses should first of all "rise". Here's the answer:

When transporting mattresses (foam), they are often rolled to save space. The foam is compressed and compressed. This means that after unpacking, the mattress must first of all "rise" from this state and reach its normal size. In order to restore the original condition of such a mattress, it takes between 48 and 72 hours.

However, you can also use the mattress earlier. Nothing can go wrong.

However, the ergonomic shape of the mattress is usually not able to achieve its full effect, which may seem unpleasant when lying on it. This is also the reason why mattress manufacturers recommend 72 hours after rolling a mattress.

You now know that you should leave a mattress for 72 hours before it can be used with the best quality, but also that it is possible to lie on it.

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