How to activate and use the Porsche 911 Launch Control - Model 991

The Porsche 911 sports car with the PDK automatic transmission combined with the Sport Chrono package offers the option of using a launch control. Launch control optimizes the acceleration from 0-60 mp/h, so that great acceleration values ​​can be achieved.

Similar to Audi or BMW you have to activate this Launch Control first. How this works exactly we would like to explain to you in our instructions:

  • Activate Launch Control on a Porsche 911 Model Type 991:
  • Activate Sport Plus mode
  • ESP - Turn Traction Control off
  • Push Brake pedal
  • Push Accelerate pedal and then release the Brake quickly - Stay on the accelerator

This will now accelerate the Porsche 911 within a few seconds, depending on the type of engine and drive, to 60 mp/h or more. We wish you all the best with this great vehicle.

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