Navmii – My position is not shown correct - Tip

The app Navmii is ideal to navigate with your Android smartphone or iPhone. The navigation app is for free and you can download map data from many countries also for free.

If you've installed the app and download a map, then you will surely test how the app Navmii works. Here you might notice the following:

"Navmii shows despite activated GPS my position completely wrong"

Is that at your smartphone also the case, then the solution lies usually herein:

  1. Finish Navmii
  2. Then go to the Task Manager from Android (Left soft key)
  3. Complete all apps by clicking on "Stop All".
  4. Now open Navmii again

Your location should now be displayed correctly on the map Navmii and Navigating can be used. Have fun with the app Navmii.

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