Netflix error code list - Whoops, something went wrong

In Netflix, you may get the following message on your TV screen: "Whoops, something went wrong, an unexpected error has occurred, please reload the page and try again". If you receive this message, Netflix will generally stop working initially.

Furthermore, an error code will be displayed. Based on the error code, you can now try to solve the problem. Here are some of the key error codes for Netflix:

Netflix Error: H7361-1253-80070006

  • Cause: Internet browser needs updating
  • Solution: Run the browser update

Netflix error: S7111-1309

  • Cause: Server issues with Netflix
  • Solution: Wait and drink tea =)

Netflix Error: NW-2-5

  • Cause: There is a problem with the internet connection
  • Solution: Please check your internet connection via Wi-Fi or mobile data

Netflix Error: S7111-1957-205002

  • Cause: On an Apple MAC, this error indicates a problem with the browser Safari
  • Solution: Delete the Netflix website data in your browser

Netflix Error: S7111-1101

  • Cause: Data stored in the browser must be updated
  • Solution: Reset the cookies via: netflix .com/clearcookies

Netflix Error: 100

  • Cause: Bad connection or late software in use
  • Solution: Check internet connection and update software

Netflix error: 30103

  • Cause: Occurs on Apple TV if it is not connected to Netflix
  • Solution: Run connectivity test, network check

Netflix Error: 111

  • Cause: No connection of application on TV or any other mobile device to Netflix
  • Solution: Delete App Data

Netflix Error: UI-113

  • Cause: Unable to connect to Netflix
  • Solution: Android Settings -> Apps -> System Apps -> Netflix, delete here the data of the app. Then re-login

Netflix Error: 10013

  • Cause: There was a problem with this download
  • Solution: VPN and proxy services stop or temporarily disable

Netflix Error: ui-800-3

  • Cause: No connection to Netflix service
  • Solution: Log out of Netflix and log in again; Empty app cache, reinstalling the app

Netflix Error: 9

  • Cause: Netflix has a problem and needs to close
  • Solution: Uninstall and reload Netflix, start virus program

Netflix Error: 0013

  • Cause: Different, but only works on Android smartphones
  • Solution: Restart device; Empty App Cache, Reinstall the App

Have you found any other Netflix error codes and questions? Then just let us know in the comments section.

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