If you have one or several screenshots on your Nintendo Switch, you might want to export them to the Micro SD memory card so that you can access them with your PC, for example.

Here we show you how you can transfer one or all screenshots to the memory card. Obviously, you have a micro SD memory card with up to 2 TB inserted into the Nintendo Switch.

If this is the case, please proceed as follows:

Transferring individual screenshots to the memory card:

  1. Return to the HOME screen of the console. Select "Album" from the bottom of the bar.
  2. Now select the screenshot you want to copy.
  3. Press the A button of the controller to open a small menu.
  4. Select "Copy" and "Memory card" - Finished

Now you have transferred a single screenshot. If you want to transfer more screenshots to the memory card, please proceed as follows:

Transfer several screenshots at once from the Nintendo Switch to the memory card:

  1. Start again from the HOME screen and then navigate to the "Settings" icon - Select this
  2. Navigate here to "Data Management" and then on:
  • "Storage Data / Screenshots" --> "Manage Screenshots"
  1. Select here System Memory
  2. Next you can then select the menu item "Copy All screenshots to the Memory Card"
  3. Confirm the process - Finish

All your Nintendo Switch screenshots are now transferred to the memory card of the console.

Then you can look at this for example on another device such as the computer or smartphone.

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