With a screenshot you can capture the gameplay on your Nintendo Switch in a photo. For example, funny moments or high scores can be specified in the screenshot, also known as screen picture.

You can have a screenshot on your console with either the Joy-Con Controller or the Pro Controller. We explain how this works:

  1. Capture the screenshot with the Joy-Con controller of the Nintendo Switch

The screenshot capture is really easy here. Just press the square button located on the left side of the controller. When you press the button, a screenshot sound is sounded and a notification is displayed in the upper left with "Screenshot taken".

  1. Take screenshot with the Pro Controller of the Nintendo Switch

Also with the Pro controller of the Nintendo Switch one can make a Screenhot. This is also easy going by using the square button, which is in the middle near the Nintendo Switch lettering.

Just press the button and the process is exactly the same as for the Joy-Con controller.

You now know how to take a screenshot with the Joy-Con and the Pro Controller of the Nintendo Switch.

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