The GoPro Hero 4 receives from time to time a firmware update with which the performance of the camera is to be improved. Such a firmware update can be transferred via USB cable and your computer or with the GoPro App and your smartphone.

We now want to explain the variant with the GoPro App and a smartphone or tablet here. This is particularly very useful and practical on the move, because no computer is needed.

1. Please download the GoPro App on your smartphone or tablet
2. Connect your smartphone to the Internet
3. Enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection on the GoPro Hero 4 and on your smartphone

4. Now open the GoPro app on your smartphone
5. Select your GoPro Hero 4 within the menu so you have access to it
6. If a firmware update is available you can see a circle with an arrow pointing down. Tap on this icon.

7. Tap next "Install" and then "Agree" to start the firmware update.
8. The new GoPro Hero 4 firmware update will be downloaded to your smartphone and then transferred to the camera via Wi-Fi. On the display you can see: "update will be downloaded"
9. The camera will reboot several times during the update. This is normal.

10. When the update is completed, then the connection between your phone and camera is disconnected. Connect them again. The firmware update was successful.

You know now how to perform a firmware update on the GoPro Hero 4 by using a smartphone.


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