UV Filter as protection for camera objectiv - Advantages and Disadvantages

There are filters for digital cameras of all kinds. These include UV filters, polarizing filters, ND filters etc. Each of these filters is suitable for specific shooting situations. This time we do not want to go deeper into the specific functions of these filters, but whether it makes sense to use a filter as pure protection for the lens. To this end, we would like to briefly list our advantages and disadvantages to a use of such a filter.

Advantages of a filter to protect the lens

If you are traveling with the camera and are taking photos, particles of various kinds will hit the lens. Especially if you go on holiday to the seaside, it is very useful beforehand to buy a filter. Because the salt, which is enriched in the air, condenses in seconds on the lens. If you do not use a protection filter, the salt condenses directly on the lens. A cleaning always proves to be extremely complicated.
Even where sand or dirt is in the air, using a filter as a protection for the camera objective makes sense, otherwise the lens may be damaged even by small micro-scratches.

With a filter as a protection you can be more relaxed to photograph without fear of your objective lens.

Disadvantages of a filter to protect the lens

Depending on which filter is used, it may cause a degradation of image quality. Here the rule of thumb: The filter should be in any case "multicoated". This means that the glass of the filter is multiply coated. Usually such filters cost around $30.

Otherwise, there are no major drawbacks to the use of a filter as a protection for the camera lens.

We recommend you to use as a UV filter protection, since the photos are even good and the influence of the filter is barely noticeable.

Filters which are multi-coated can be found from the following suppliers:

• Hoya HD UV Filter
• Polaroid 58mm HD Multi Coated
• B + W XS-Pro Digital 010 UV Haze filter

Thus the lens of your camera is very well protected in any case, against damage and loss of image quality only in parts per thousand range.

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