Windows 10 - How to create a Screenshot – Tip

In an operating system like Windows 10, it is often very important to create a screenshot of the screen. A screenshot stores in an image file the screen which is currently displayed. That is why the screenshot is also known as screen printing or hardcopy. With the screenshot in Windows 10, you can quickly back up information.

We explain to you now how to quickly and easily create a screenshot of the display in Windows 10.

Windows 10


The fastest method to take a screenshot in Windows 10 is the key combination. Press simultaneously on your keyboard:

  • Windows key
  • Print Screen key

The screenshot will be created from the entire screen and saved under the following directory path:

C: \\ Users \ Your Name \ pictures \ screenshots

The image has the file format .png which can be used for example with Paint.

Snipping Tool

If you wish to use no additional program such as Paint or Adobe Photoshop, then use the best tool for Windows 10 screenshots. This is the "Snipping Tool" and can be found as follows:

Windows Start --> All Apps --> Windows Accessories --> Snipping Tool

With this tool, you can now easily select an area on the screen from which you want to save it as a screenshot. The Snipping Tool provides you several ways how you wish to proceed with the screenshot. Send it by e-mail or save it in a defined folder

Of course also in Windows 10 the Screenshot can also be loaded into the RAM by pressing the "Print Screen key". From there, it can then be inserted in Paint, Photoshop etc.

You know now how to take a screenshot from the screen in Windows 10.

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