Who is in the process to update its operating system on the new Windows 10 is perhaps stopped by the following error:

Installation status: Failed Error Details: Error Code C1900208

Windows 10

This error occurs in Windows 10 usually when a virus scanner is running in the background, which is certainly the case for many of you. That is why we recommend you to deactivate the virus scanner on your computer or to remove it before you download and update Windows 10 .

Should you already be affected by the error C1900208 while upgrading to Windows 10, then you hav now to delete the failed update again from your PC. This is very simple with the following instructions:

Restart the Windows 10 Update Process

1. Open the Windows Explorer and navigate to the following path: "C: \ Windows \ SoftwareDistribution \ Download"

2. Delete all files in this folder

3. Now open the Start menu and then the command prompt as an administrator: All Programs --> Accessories --> Command Line(Run as administrator)

4. Give now in the console the command: "wuauclt.exe /updatenow"

5. Subsequently restart the update from Windows 10 via the Update Center

The error C1900208 should no longer occur after you have disabled / uninstalled the anti-virus software on your computer. After the Windows 10 update is downloaded again, and then installed, you should of course as soon as possible install an antivirus software on your computer.

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