Windows 8 Where is the "Run" dialog – Solved

If you own a PC or laptop with Windows 8 and looking for the "Run" function under "Start", you will probably not find it. The reason is that Microsoft has banned this function from the Start menu. However, there is still the possibility of performing this function in Windows 8. There are the following two options:

1. The fastest and easiest way is the shortcut key. Simultaneously press the Windows key + R. This shortcut shows you immediately the “Run dialog” on Windows 8.
2. Who needs the Run feature in Windows 8 more frequently can also just display this function on the right side of the Start menu. This works as follows:

Tap Start --> Control Panel --> Search

Search for “Run” and click with the right mouse button on the search result. You can now choose:
- "Pin to Start"
- "Pin to Taskbar"

Both types work fine in order to quickly and easily take advantage of the "Run" function in Windows 8.

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