Mallorca traffic rules - speed and parking

Who enjoys holidays in Mallorca almost certainly also rent a car in order to explore the island. Rental cars are available on Mallorca in large quantities and can be rented at the airport.

So that you do not expect any surprises when you are traveling by car in Mallorca we explain to you here what it is worth watch for:

Speed in Mallorca:

Mallorca is crowded much in the holiday season and therefore you should stick to the speed limits. They are as follows:

  • Cities: 50 km/ h
  • Outside urban areas: 90 km/ h
  • Motorway: 120 km/ h

All cars in Mallorca are equipped with a tachometer in km/h instead mph.

Fixed speed cameras are placed in Mallorca, especially on the highways. However, these are usually announced by traffic signs.

Parking in Mallorca:

  • Blue marker: Valet parking permit allowed (usually only up to 90 minutes)
  • Yellow Marker: Absolute No Parking
  • VAP mark: Stopping in the second row is not allowed

Parking is very complicated, especially in the main season, because up to 50,000 rental cars are on the streets of Mallorca.

We would not go large on individual parking spots here. A tip for Palma is definitely the parking garage of the department store "El Corte Inglés". Here you can park close to the center and often find even in high season still parking slots. The rates for parking vary according to the location. Here are some examples:

  • Port de Sa Calobra (Torrent de Pareis): € 3.50 per hour
  • Parking garage of the department store "El Corte Inglés": 2,30 € per hour
  • Valdemossa: 0,80 € per hour

Other traffic rules in Mallorca:

  • Promille limit is 0.5.
  • Narrow streets require good driving skills toll in Mallorca:

Toll roads:

There are no toll roads in Mallorca except one tunnel to Soller.

We hope that you find this information useful if you take a ride in the car in Mallorca. We wish you a nice and relaxing holiday.

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