Speed limit ​​South Africa - Traffic rules

In South Africa, one travels best by car. Numerous providers of rental cars make it possible to travel one of the most beautiful countries in the world by car. Thus, the joy is not dimmed, you should adhere to the traffic regulations of the country, in particular to the allowable maximum speed.

In this article we would like to inform you about the Maximum speed in South Africa for cities, highways and freeways, so there will be no unwanted traffic tickets.

The speed limits while driving in South Africa are as follows (measure unit in SA is km/h):

• City 60 km/ h
• Freeways 100 km/ h
• Highways 120 km/ h

Even if it does not make the appearance, but these max. permissible speeds are frequently controlled by the police. On almost every road and especially in the cities there are speed cameras. Especially on tourist routes such as the N2 (Garden Route) also mobile checks are carried out. Here it is necessarily to adhere the speed, even if other drivers drive faster.

We wish you a good, safe and toll free trip through South Africa.

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