Android Fixed IP address - Solution

 If you surf the Internet with your Android smartphone, you may want to set a fixed or static IP. Usually the IP address is assigned automatically via DCHP, but you can adjust this setting within the Android operating system.


How to set the IP address of DCHP to static and thus manually, we would like to explain in the following article:

Define static IP - How it works

1.            Open the settings on your Android smartphone.

2.            Navigate to "Connections" and then to "W-Lan".

3.            Select the gear symbol next to the W-Lan connection.

4.            Then go to "Advanced".

5.            Select "IP Settings" and select "Static

6.            You can now enter an IP address manually into the mask.

7.            Save the setting - done!

You have just set an IP address manually in Android.

A static IP address is always useful if it should be accessible from outside. Depending on the features you want to use on your Android smartphone or tablet, it might be useful to set a static IP address, as described above in our tutorial.

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