Instagram Unfortunately, an error occurred while creating your account

If you want to create an Instagram account, you can choose between the following registration options: Login directly via Facebook (if available) or via a new e-mail address:

If you have now chosen the option registration via e-mail address, then the following error message can be displayed on the screen:

"Unfortunately an error occurred while creating your account"

The cause of this error message can be of different origin, but these occur most frequently:

  • A "disposable email address" was used
  • An email address of an unknown free provider was used

Often such free email addresses are blocked by Instagram, because a lot of spam registrations without real users take place. If you have a GMail email address, use it to log in to Instagram and avoid the above mentioned error message.

Should the error message still appear, please proceed as follows on Android smartphones:

1. Open the Android system settings

2. Navigate to "Apps & Applications"

3. Scroll down the list until you can see "Instagram" --> Select the entry from

4. You now see the App info - Select the entry "Memory" here

5. Now tap the following buttons: Clear data Clear cache

6. Now restart the smartphone and try to log in to Instagram. The login to Instagram should now appear without the message "Unfortunately an error occurred while creating your account".

If you did, it may be that there is an error or a malfunction in Instagram at the moment. Just wait a few hours and then try to log in again.

Hopefully the bug will be fixed.

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