iPhone 6S 3D touch too light sensitivity – Adjust

Who uses on his new iPhone 6S the function of 3D touch may feel the pressure sensitivity of the screen for too easy or too tight. Whoever is not satisfied with the default setting of 3D Touch can change the pressure sensitivity in the system settings of iOS.

We show you how you can find this option. Navigate to the following submenu on your smartphone:

Home screen --> Settings --> General --> Accessibility --> 3D Touch

Whenever you're standing in the sub-menu of 3D touch, then you can see a scale within the section "3D Touch Sensitivity". There are three different settings for 3D Touch:

  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Hard

Default setting is "medium". Adjust now by moving the slider on the scale the sensitivity of Force Touch. With "easy", the sensitivity is increased with "fixed" it is reduced. With the 3D Touch sensitivity test you can easily check whether the setting is the right touch for you.

You know now how you can change the sensitivity of Force Touch on the iPhone 6S.

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