OnePlus 6 Activate Camera Beauty Mode - Tip

The OnePlus 6 has several camera modes and setting options installed to help you take even more beautiful and colorful photos with your smartphone. One of them is called "Beauty Mode".

In Beauty Mode, the face of the person being photographed is beautified. This means that the exposure and the area are optimized so that it looks as photogenic as possible.

The mode can be activated as follows on the OnePlus 6:

1. Open the camera

2. Wipe up from the bottom of the display to access the individual camera modes

3. You will now see a gear symbol in the upper right corner - select this to open the settings

4. In the settings please scroll down until you can see this option: "Back Camera Beauty Mode"

5. Activate the option with the slider

You have now successfully activated the Beauty Mode, so that photos taken with the OnePlus 6 are automatically reworked if faces can be seen on them.

We advise you to test this mode extensively and check if you like the quality of the photos.


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