Samsung Galaxy S4 How to use the Smart Manager

With the new firmware update the Samsung Galaxy S4 has now access to the Smart Manager. The Smart Manager is an application which can be found on the last page of the menu after installing the latest firmware.

If you open this app, then you can see four different boxes, each box stands for a function of the Smart Manager which is available on your Samsung Galaxy S4. These are:

  • Battery
  • Storage
  • RAM
  • Device security

The Smart Manager will help you through the button "Purge All" to quickly and easily speed up your smartphone. By tapping the button, for example, all "unnecessary files" are deleted on your Samsung Galaxy S4, the apps in ram vanished and the security of the device tested. In addition, you can touch every single box of the Smart Manager App and then find out more detailed information.

This new app on your Samsung Galaxy S4 is suitable for all who want to make little thought about special settings in order to release RAM or free up disk space. The Smart Manager does this for you with one button.


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