Samsung Galaxy S5 image stabilizer can not be activated - Solved

In the camera app on the Samsung Galaxy S5, you can find an image stabilizer that helps you to take pictures without camera shake. Now it can happen to you that you can not activate the image stabilizer in the camera app settings, because it is grayed out. If you're wondering why you can not activate the image stabilizer on the Samsung Galaxy S5, then we want to explain this briefly.

The image stabilizer for the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S5 can only be activated when you are in the camera mode "Auto". This corresponds to the camera's automatic mode. Other modes such as "Beautiful portrait" or "shot and More" etc. do not offer the use of the image stabilizer.

Therefore tap the bottom left button "mode" within the camera app and switch then to "Auto". The automatic mode is now active and the image stabilizer can now be enabled within the settings (gear icon) on the Samsung Galaxy S5.

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