Samsung Galaxy S5 Reduce background noise during call

It may happen that during a call your phone partner can hear a noise in the background. This happens in a telephone conversation with you and your Samsung Galaxy S5. The background noises could be for example a road, talking in a restaurant or noises in an underground station. Due to this background noise transmitted by the S5 it can be unfortunately very difficult to be understood by the other party. Luckily, the Samsung Galaxy S5 has a function to reduce background noise. We show you now where you can find this option on the Samsung Galaxy S5 and how to activate it.

Open on the Samsung Galaxy S5, from the homescreen, the phone app. Change within this on the "Keypad" and then tap in the upper right at the icon with the three dots. A window appears, in which you have to select "Settings" and then "call".

Here you will find in the section "Ringtone and sound settings" an option "Noise reduction". Set a tick in the checkbox to activate the function and to reduce the background noise on your side during phone calls.

If you now call with the Samsung Galaxy S5, then your conversation partner can understand you properly without any problems.

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