On the Samsung Galaxy S7 you have the app S Health installed in which a pedometer is included. This is a motion sensor which counts your steps daily.

The result over time is a statistic that corresponds to your movement. An useful thing to have his fitness always in view, but maybe you do not like this feature. That is why we show you here how to disable on the Samsung Galaxy S7 the pedometer in S Health.

Samsung Galaxy S7

1. Open S Health on your Samsung Galaxy S7

2. Tap in the overview in the top right on "More" and then on „manage elements“

3. You find here now the "Tracker/ Pedometer" function.

4. Deactivate now the pedometer in S Health on the Samsung Galaxy S7 by using the controller.

Done! Immediately the pedometer does not count your movements on your Samsung Galaxy S7 anymore. You thus have the pedometer successfully deactivated.


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