Samsung Galaxy S7 How to Open Service menu - Secret Code

You can check on the Samsung Galaxy S7 the hardware by opening the service menu. This is accessible via a secret code. We would like to explain in this article how you can open on the Samsung Galaxy S7, the service menu.

Samsung Galaxy S7

Just open from the Start screen the phone app and switch within to the keypad. Now enter the following combination:


The Samsung Service menu appears now and shows various tiles in gray. Each tile stands for a hardware test or for the output of sensor data. The main menu is here: "Sensor"

About this tile you can read out all important sensor data of your Samsung Galaxy S7. This includes:

  • Accelerometer
  • gyroscope sensor
  • magnetic sensor
  • Barometer etc.

Now you know how to open on the new Samsung Galaxy S7 the Service menu and therefore can check the hardware.


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