If you receive emails within the integrated mail app of your Samsung Galaxy S7, then it may be that you are not notified about that. If that is the case, then please check whether the following option is set.

Samsung Galaxy S7

1. Open the e-mail app and then the settings by tapping within the App at the top right on "More" and then select "Settings"

2. The next submenu contains in the entry "Notifications ". Select this.

3. Make sure that the master control for the emails notifications is enabled

4. Now type at the bottom on your e-mail account that is marked through your mail address

5. Make sure that the alerts are activated or switch them to "Active"

Then you should be notified of any new e-mail message that arrives at your Samsung Galaxy S7.

In the last sub-menu you can also set for the e-mail account even if the smartphone to vibrate thereby or which e-mail notification sound to be played. By default, this is the "Letter" sound.


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