WhatsApp How to add profile picture - solution

If you use the Messenger app WahtsApp on your Android phone, you will have noticed that you can place a small profile picture next to your display name. With a profile image of you your contacts can see quickly who they talk to. In addition, you can publish current pictures of your life within the profile picture in WhatsApp.

If you do not know how to set images in WhatsApp as your profile picture, then we want to explain this in more detail.

First, open the app WhatsApp on your Android phone. Then tap the Options button (left soft key) or the three-point icon in the upper right (depending on the version of Android) and it will open a small menu. Select "Settings". Tap next on "Profile". You will see a large figure above your display name. Tap at this figure and you can edit your profile picture in WhatsApp.

You will see a small query window: Select now "Gallery". You now have the ability to define a picture as your profile picture.
You now know how to quickly and easily add a profile picture in WhatsApp.


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