Activate Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Easter Egg - Tip

You will find a hidden Easter Egg on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 within the Android system. This is a kind of "gimmick" by the Android developers and can only be opened and displayed if you know what to do.

In the following we would like to show you these steps step by step and lead you to the hiding place of the Easter Eggs:

1. Open the menu and there the Android system settings

2. Scroll down to "Phone info" and open the entry

3. Next it goes to "Software information"

4. Now quickly tap on "Android version"

5. A yellow circle appears - then tap this circle once more for a longer time.

Now the Easter Egg appears. In Android 8 Oreo this is an octopus. In Android 9 there is currently no special Easter Egg integrated, but it will be available with the final version.

You now know how to open and find the Easter Egg in Android on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.


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