Android Instant Apps install and update themselves independently - Solved

With Android you can use special apps, the so-called Instant Apps. Instant apps do not have to be installed before use and are often offered to take a first look at a paid app.

If you open an instant app, only the part of the app that is needed to run the app is downloaded to the smartphone's internal temporary memory.

Often, to be able to use instant apps, basic system file end Google Play Stores are updated on your Android smartphone and therefore you will see a message in the status bar:

"Instant apps are updated" If you don't use this option on your smartphone, you can deactivate instant apps as follows:

Enable or disable instant apps

1. On your smartphone, open settings

2. Go to "Google Search" and then open "Instant Apps"

3. Under "Instant Apps Account", navigate to the account for which you want to disable instant apps. Deactivate Instant Apps using the "Switch"

4. If you want to deactivate Instant Apps for all logged in accounts, tap "None"

You now know how to deactivate Instant Apps on an Android smartphone.

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