Android WhatsApp How to Record Video Calls - Tip

More and more users are using the feature within WhatsApp to make video calls. When you make a video call, you can talk to the person you're talking to at the same time and see them.

The front camera is used and the recorded video is transmitted to your call partner.

If you would like to record such a video call in WhatsApp to watch it again later, then this is possible with appropriate means.

Our instructions explain step by step how to record such a video call. Important! You have to ask your conversation partner for permission to record such a video!

Otherwise this is not legally permitted and punishable!

And so you can record a WhatsApp video call with an Android smartphone:

Download the following app from the Google Play Store:

  • AZ Screen Recorder

After this is installed, you can easily record a screen video

Open the app and select "Record" in the overlay menu before you start a WhatsApp video call.

The WhatsApp video call is now completely recorded, or what is shown on your display.

You now know a simple way to record a WhatsApp video call.

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