Arlo camera has red cast or defect - These tips will help

If you use an Arlo camera, it can happen that it has a red cast or has another defect. Red cast means that the recorded camera image is reddish and there are hardly any other colors.

If this also applies to your Arlo camera, please use the following tips to solve the problem in an uncomplicated way:


To restart the device open and close the Arlo camera the battery cover. This will reboot the Arlo camera.

Disconnect and reconnect the camera from the system

To do this, remove the camera from the system. You will need the Arlo app on your smartphone or tablet. Opens the app and navigates as follows:

  • Settings --> My devices --> Select the camera that is affected

Now delete the camera by tapping on "Remove device". Afterwards, the camera must be re-integrated, just as you did the first time.

Camera is installed outdoors

If the camera is installed outdoors, it may be useful to test it out and bring it into the house. The temperature difference or humidity indoors is different and can improve the problem. If this is the case, we still recommend the next step:

Contact support from Arlo

 If none of the tips helped or the third tip led to a positive result, please contact support anyway. Because a hardware defect of the Arlo camera is very likely and cannot be excluded.


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