Arlo Netgear App - After update no longer works - Tip

If you use the Arlo Netgear app on your Android smartphone, it may not work correctly after an app update, functions may be missing or the connection may no longer be established. If this applies to you, we have two tips to help you.

Uninstall updates of the Arlo Netgear App

Open the Android settings on the Android smartphone and navigates from there to:

Apps & Notifications --> Apps (may vary slightly depending on smartphone and Android version)

Search for "Arlo" here and select the entry to open the app info. Now tap on the three-point symbol in the top right-hand corner and then select "Uninstall updates" from the context menu that opens.

Then restart the smartphone and see if it works correctly. If not, then continue with our second tip:

Delete cache and data of the Arlo app

Please note that all settings in the Arlo app will be lost and have to be reset afterwards! Navigates back to the menu:

Settings --> Apps & Notifications --> Apps --> Arlo App Info

Now press "storage" and then the two entries:

  • Clear data
  • Clear cache

Restart your Android smartphone.

We hope that one of the two tips helped you to use the Arlo app on Android properly after an update.


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