Best music recognition for the smartphone - alternatives

Many people on the move would like to know which song is currently playing in the bar, club or radio. Fortunately, there is a so-called music recognition software that can determine the song title on the basis of highs, lows and voices.

But which is the best music recognition app for the smartphone? Shazam? Soundhound? Soundhound?

Here we have selected some Alternatives for you, which belong to the best: Music Recognition - How to determine the song title and the artist of a song

1. Shazam

2. Soundhound

3. Music ID

4. Music Recognition / Visualizer

We have tested all apps listed above extensively and unfortunately we have to say that Shazam and Soundhound are the best music recognition programs for the smartphone.

They simply have the largest music database, which of course means that most titles are correctly recognized.


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