Block WhatsApp via Router - How it works

WhatsApp can become an addiction for many children and teenagers. If you as parents want to pull the cord and block WhatsApp via the router, you need the ports and IP addresses used by WhatsApp.

The following instructions will explain how to block WhatsApp via the W-Lan router: The easiest way to lock WhatsApp is to use the ports, IP addresses, and URLS used by the service.

The following ports are used by WhatsApp:

TCP 4244

TCP 5222

TCP 5223

TCP 5228

TCP 5242

UDP 3478

UDP 45395

TCP/UDP 50318

TCP/UDP 59234

The following IP addresses from the Facebook IP Pool are used by WhatsApp:

The current IP addresses can be viewed via the following link:


WhatsApp URLS


You can now block the ports, IP addresses or URLS used by WhatsApp via the integrated parental control of your W-Lan router. However, please always remember that blocking ports or IP addresses can also affect other websites and that Internet operation will then be restricted.

You now know how best to block WhatsApp via a W-Lan router.

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