Bootable USB stick - Solution and instructions

Nowadays you hardly use CD's to install a new operating system like Windows, Linux or macOS. Instead USB sticks are used. Here you have a lot of storage capacity and at the same time a fast data rate. However, you first have to make a USB stick bootable. This is necessary for the computer, laptop or MAC to recognize and boot the data contained on it.

How to make a USB stick bootable is explained in the following instructions.

After downloading the program executes it by double-clicking the file.

In the Universal USB Installer, select the operating system for which you want to create the bootable USB stick.

In the next step, select the ISO file of the operating system.

Then selects the medium where to save the data. Selects USB stick here. Remember that your USB stick should be at least 6 GB in size.

Then click "Create" to transfer the system to the USB stick

This USB stick is now bootable and can be used to install the previously selected operating system.


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