Call - immediately forwarded to the mailbox - Reason

If you call a contact, then it can happen that you will be forwarded to the mailbox immediately.

If you wonder why this is the case, there are different reasons for this. In the following we want to show you when you are immediately forwarded to the mailbox when you make a call.

Reasons for immediate forwarding to the mailbox:

Reason 1: Your mobile phone number was blocked by the called contact (blacklist/lock list)

Reason 2: Your contact has no reception with his smartphone and is not logged into a network cell

Reason 3: Your contact has switched off his smartphone or the battery is empty

Reason 4: Your contact has configured a direct forwarding to the mailbox

Other greens for an immediate forwarding to an answering machine do not exist at the moment.

You now know why you are forwarded directly to the mailbox when you call a contact.


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