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The question arises again and again in the game Clash Royale, what advantages a promotion within a clan brings. Many players who have been integrated into a clan for a long time are hoping to gain advantages through promotion within the clan. But is that the same? We want to clarify the matter a little bit:

First of all, you can say that a clan promotion doesn't bring any advantages in the game, but rather the "reputation" in the clan. This means that if you are promoted, you only get an award from the "leader", that you are a good player.

Advantages of a clan promotion such as getting more tickets or giving more donations are not available in Clash Royale!

The following ranks can be obtained in Clash Royale within a clan:


You become automatically member on joining - you have no rights


  • Invite Clash Royale players to join your clan and accept or reject requests.
  • You can also throw out members every 20 minutes.

Vice leader:

  • Invite players in clan
  • Accept or reject requests from new potential members
  • Members and elders may be expelled, promoted or demoted.

Leader (administrator of the clan):

  • Invite players to the clan and accept/reject new requests
  • Throw out, promote or degrade members and elders
  • Change general clan settings

As you can see, it is not necessary or advantageous for the game to have a high rank within a clan. We hope that with this article we have created a little more clarity. Basically, one can say that Supercell in Clash Royale offers too few ranks in a clan. This often puts the clan admins in trouble.

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