Disable Samsung Galaxy S9 Always On Display – Solved

The Always On Display of the Samsung Galaxy S9 always displays notifications, time and other data on the screen even in standby mode.

A technology is used which requires very little battery power. However, if you do not use Always On Display, it is still worth deactivating it. How this works in the Android settings is explained in the following step-by-step instructions:

Switch off the Always On Display permanently on the Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S9 Hardware

1. On the Samsung Galaxy S7 pulls the status bar with two fingers from above into the screen.

2. You will now see several "toggles", i.e. buttons with functions. One of these buttons is called "Always On Display"

3. Touch the button to disable Always On Display on the Samsung Galaxy S9 or touch it again to reactivate it.

If the button is not visible, press "Edit" so that all available toggles on the Samsung Galaxy S9 are displayed. Here you can find the "Always On Display" toggle.

Now you can quickly and easily switch the Always On Display on and off without navigating deep into the Android settings.



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