Enable LG V30 Always On Display - Solved

The LG V30 has the possibility to display information about notifications or so-called stickers directly on the Always On Display. To do this, however, you first have to activate it. First of all: There are no animated stickers like in the LG V30 advertisement.

That was just a marketing gag from LG. And this is how you can activate the Always On Display on the LG V30:

1. Open the settings

2. Navigate to "Display"

3. Next, select the menu item "Always On Display"

4. Here you will now find the global switch for activating the AoD. In the same menu, the content of the Always On Display on the LG V30 can also be adjusted slightly, for example:

  • Layouts Display
  • Clock layout
  • Notes Time at which the AoD should automatically activate or deactivate itself (e.g. at night)

You now know how to activate and adjust the Always On Display on the LG V30.

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