Facebook Disable auto face recognition in photos – Tip

Facebook has introduced a new feature for its Social Network: Automatic face recognition. What exactly does this mean and how can I deactivate it? We would like to explain more about this to you here and point out what you need to pay attention to.

How does Automatic Face Recognition in Facebook work?

With image recognition getting better and better, it is possible to recognize objects, people and much more on photos and images. The basis is a database created by the image recognition software. Various images are stored in it. The more images of a certain object are contained in this database, the better the automatic recognition of similar objects or persons.

In the case of Facebook, this is used for automatically tagging people in photos. Here's what that means: The database has photos and/or characteristics of you stored, which were generated by already existing markings. If a person uploads a new photo to Facebook, it will be compared with the database.

If a person, you, is identified in the photo, you will automatically be marked on it. Here you can see how far the current image processing is and what will be possible in the future.

That's scary for a reason! And that's why you can fortunately disable this feature in Facebook or set it so that only you can see when an automatic selection is made.  We recommend that all Facebook users deactivate this feature in any case!

  1. Open the social network in your internet browser: www.facebook.com
  2. In the overview click on the black arrow in the upper right corner and then on "Settings".
  3. Here you see the following option:
  • Who can see tag suggestions when uploading photos with people who resemble you?
  1. Select "Only me" here

Now you have the automatic marking in photos, which would be visible for all persons, so that only you can see this marking.


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