FritzBox Upload too slow - Check and optimize the following settings

If you own a Fritz Box as a W-Lan router and notice that your upload doesn't reach the speed your provider promises, please check the following setting in your control center. Because this setting often leads to a situation where the upstream is limited by the FritzBox. These are the connection settings.

To open it, please proceed as follows with your FritzBox:

  1. You must be connected to the FritzBox (W-Lan or cable)
  2. Open an Internet browser and enter “” in the address line to open the control center.
  3. Now navigate to it: Internet --> Access data

Here you can see the connection settings.

If you have a lower upstream value than your connection offers, you have of course a too envious upload speed. So check with your provider to see what speed your connection delivers. An example:

  • Downstream: 50000 kbit/s
  • Upstream: 10000 kbit/s

This means that you have to define these numbers in the connection settings of the FritzBox. For example, if there is a value of 5000 in the FritzBox settings of Upstream, then you have only half the speed available.

If you have entered your data, you can now go to "Apply".

You should now be able to use the full upstream of your Internet tariff.

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