Google App shows air quality in case of weather query

If you want to get more information about the weather than just the weather of the next few days, you should have a look at the Google app again. If you use this app to check the weather at home, you will find various data that might be of interest to some people:

Besides sunrise & sunset, wind, remaining daylight etc. the air quality is now also available as info.

On a scale of 0 - 500, the quality of the air is output at the specified location. In addition, one receives a recommendation from Google in the health news. For example, "Ideal air quality for outdoor activity". In Germany this may only sometimes be an interesting information, abroad, for example in Beijing, this information can be very useful, and depending on how strong the smog is there.

And this is what this information looks like:

A very useful info, which may be useful for one or the other of you in everyday life.



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