Honor 10 Change Homescreen and Lock Screen Wallpaper - Solution

With a wallpaper, you can personalize the Honor 10 and thus personalize it even more for yourself.

If you don't yet know where to change a background image for the Home screen or the lock screen on Honor 10, this tutorial will show you exactly how to do this.

Change Homescreen Background

To do this, open the settings and then navigate to:

  • Display --> Background

You can now set an image as the home screen background by touching "Set Background". You can now select a photo from the gallery or one of the pre-installed images.

You will then need to make the following selection:

  • Both Screen (Home screen and Lock screen)
  • Lock screen
  • Change background

You have now changed your background image either for the Home Screen or the Lock Screen, or perhaps for both at the same time on the Honor 10.


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