Honor 10 Completely deactivate mailbox - Resolved

In most cases, the mailbox is automatically activated on a new smartphone such as Honor 10 with a new SIM card and accordingly accepts all calls that do not come through to you.

If you want the mailbox to stop doing this and deactivate it accordingly, you can easily deactivate it with the Honor 10 as follows.

To do this, use the following GSM code on the Honor 10:

1. From the start screen, open the telephone app that you are actually using to make calls.

2. In the app, you must now switch to the number field and then enter the following GSM network code:

  • ##002#

3. Confirm the network code by pressing the call key (green handset).

Your Honor 10 now sends this network code to your mobile network operator, which means that all call diversions, including diversion to the mailbox, are deactivated.

If you now receive a call, it is no longer automatically forwarded to the mailbox after a certain period of time.


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