Honor 10 How to activate W-Lan calls - Wi-Fi calling

Of course, Honor 10 also supports so-called Wi-Fi calling, where you can make calls via the W-Lan function of your smartphone.

The prerequisite for this is that you have booked a corresponding option in your mobile phone contract and that the corresponding option has been activated in the Android settings.

We would now like to explain to you how you can activate the "Wi-Fi Calling" function for your Honor 10.

Please go through the following instructions step by step.

Activate W-Lan calls on Honor 10 in Android

1. Start from your Home screen and open the settings

2. Then navigate to: Wireless & Networks --> Mobile

3. Now activate WLAN calls by setting the option "WLAN Calling" to active - Done!

You can now use the W-Lan Calling features with your Honor 10.


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