How do I open the RDP port? How to use Remote Desktop Protocol

RDP stands for Remote Desktop Protocol. This makes it possible to access other Windows computers, which is especially useful within a network. To do this, however, the RDP port 3389 must be enabled on the target computer to which you want to access. Here we show you how to find and release it:

First, you need to access the Control Center of your Wi-Fi router.

In our example we use the common Fritz Box as a W-Lan Router. Open the Control Center by typing the following in the address bar in a browser:


Enter your password and you will be in the router's Control Center interface.

Click on the "Internet" button on the left first and then on "Sharing". If you don't have a Fitz Box, this menu item can be changed to "Port Sharing".

  • Select "Add device for sharing".
  • Select the PC you want to access via RDP.
  • Select "New share".
  • Under "Application", select "Other application".
  • Under Protocol select „UDP or TCP".
  • Under "Port to device", select 3389 as the end and destination port.

The port is now open and you should be able to access it from another PC using Remote Desktop protocol. Keep in mind that open ports can be a security risk!

You now know how to enable the RDP port via the router.

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