How do I unpack .tar.gz archives? Solved

There are currently many different programs to pack files into archives and compress them. One of them are .tar.gz archives. These are archives created under Ubuntu, a Linux-based operating system. If you want to unpack such a file on your Windows PC, you might ask yourself how to do this exactly.

We would like to explain exactly this to you here:

First of all, it is important to know that .tar.gz archives are double packed. This means that these need to be removed twice.

How to extract .tar.gz archives under Windows:

  1. You need the following software:
  1. After installing the software on your computer, right-click on the compressed tar gz archive you want to unpack.
  2. Select "Unpack here" in the context menu that pops up.
  3. Unpack the first file from the .tar.gz archive, which means that the folder where the file was unpacked now contains only one .tar file.

This .tar file must now be unpacked again with 7-Zip. This works the same as the first time.

After unpacking this file, you can now easily access the contents of the .tar.gz archive.

You now know how to unpack a .tar.gz archive under Windows and what is so special about it.


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